AR500 Steel Targets

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The finest selection of hand made AR500 Steel Targets Anywhere

Tough On The Range & Off

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Easy to Pack & Haul

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Unmatched Durability

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Shooters Favorite Targets.

Designed & Made in the USA!

Shooting Targets Designed to Perform!

American Contractors Academy is dedicated to providing next generation innovation. Our AR500 Steel targets are the targets that you have been looking for! We have reactive targets that are designed for safety and durability. We have created a reusable quick deploying target system for any range. Angled steel for close range, and reactive targets to see your hits at farther ranges. Grab yourself a set of our AR500 Steel Targets and get out to the range!


Most frequent questions and answers about our targets

The best type of target depends on your exact gun. Our targets are suitable for pistols, shot guns, and rifles.
Check out the target selection guide below for your specific firearm.

At ACA we will provide a 3 month limited warranty of our products against craftsman ship flaws and defects. This includes cracked or broken welds. If you suspect a flaw or defect please contact us at and provide us with pictures of the affected area, the mounting system used, distance, and load data for the projectile (fps, weight, caliber, and material). Shipping the product to us for warranty service will be up to the customer and if it is determined to be eligible for warranty service the shipping cost will be made up likely in the form of store credit or some steel. To be eligible for warranty service the product must have been used within the posted guidelines and not been shot with any ammo containing steel. If ACA determines through testing that the flaws or defects were caused by negligence, mishandling, or misuse, warranty service will be declined. If a product is determined to not meet eligibility for warranty service but is repairable we will contact you to talk about the cost of repairs. Return shipping cost on a non warrantied product will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

If your product is outside the warranty but you experience an issue please contact us. We will be happy to work with you to find a solution. We will not be able to exchange or offer credit for said product but we can offer repairs and possible custom modifications for a cost TBD.

The larger the target the louder it will ring. With that said, if you are shooting farther distances and want a louder ring, get the biggest target in your budget. Mounting the targets properly will also help the targets to last longer provide the most ring possible with a safer shooting environment. Targets should be mounted at a downward angle and be loose to move freely, absorbing the energy from the bullet. Please check your packaging for assembly instructions. If you need another copy please feel free to email us at

An AR-15 with a 16” barrel at 100 yards using 55g ammo is right at the limits of AR500 steel at that distance.
Any ammo with FMJ or steel will likely pit an AR500 steel target.

At American Contractors Academy (ACA), we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. If you think there may be a defect or missing items, please contact us at for a store credit or an exchange of the product within 30 days of purchase. You will receive your credit within 3-5 business days of the return product’s arrival at our shop. ACA will not give out a refund for used products that are returned. Store credit or an exchange/repair will be all that is allowed if the product is deemed to fall under the limited warranty.

Targets which fail to meet the required hardness spec of 475-525 (500 +/- 5%) will be replaced upon return to ACA if done so within 30 days of purchase. Return shipping is at buyer’s expense. For returns where hardness failure is suspected, please include details of the situation leading to suspected failure, including photos of the mounting system, distance, and load data for the projectile (fps, weight, caliber, and material). To be eligible for a return, your item must be used within our posted usage guidelines and must not have been shot with ammo containing steel. If ACA determines through testing that an unaltered target fails to meet the required hardness spec, a replacement target will be shipped to you, and we’ll make sure you’re covered on your out of pocket for returning our bad target, likely in the form of additional steel. If the target cannot be confirmed to fail the required hardness, we’ll be happy to ship it back to you at your expense. Shooting any ACA target with steel jacketed, steel core, incendiary, armor piercing (AP), or light armor piercing (LAP) projectiles, as well as shooting these targets at distances shorter than what is recommended will void any warranty and may result in significant damage to the target, increased risk of ricochet, and risk of fire. If it’s not lead and copper, it’s not meant to be shot at steel. Soft points (SP), hard cast lead, wadcutter and hollow points are the ammo of choice.

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