worlds best shooting target
worlds best shooting target

Medium Hanger

The mid sized hooks can be used with any of the hanging targets and will make sure that they have a deflection angle that is safer for shooting.




Our medium target hanger at 18.5 inches gives you a durable and strong angled hanger to hold your American Contractor Academy targets. These are angled to deflect rounds in a safe downward positions and these hangers integrate with our full shooting system.

Shooters and spectators must always wear proper eye and hearing protection. Recommended minimum distances from steel targets to shooter are 15 yards for pistols and 100 yards for rifles. If using non-frangible ammunition use handgun ammunition with a maximum velocity of 1500 feet per second. Rifle ammunition muzzle velocity should not exceed 3,000 feet per second. No shotgun slugs, steel birdshot, and buckshot ammunition can be shot at steel targets. Never shoot hardened, steel core, or armor-piercing ammunition at any steel target.

Disclaimer: Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use and misuse of the targets purchased.

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Weight 2 lbs
Paint Option

Unpainted, Painted Red