American Contractors Academy

A new school environment for learning the industrial trade.

Begin Your New Career

The opportunity to start a new life and achieve your dreams begins here We are looking for motivated individuals looking to enter the heavy trade and become entry level millwrights, certified welders, and fabricators for large companies across the U.S. Our academy gives you every opportunity for success and a great college alternative. With great internship opportunities and job placements services, you will receive an immediate return on your investment. Get started today and begin work in as little as 8 months!

Skills For Success

Join thousands of successful maintenance professionals in a booming industry. We give you the opportunity to take advantage of certified courses. Our instructors guide you and help you learn the skills you need to succeed in becoming a proficient welder, millwright, and heavy industrial maintenance professional. Hands on education is our philosophy, coupled with classroom periods of instruction we offer an intimate and highly specialized learning environment.  


Expert instructors guide you through the 8 month course to graduation. Your training will prepare you for your career. We give you the opportunity to succeed and start a successful career in the heavy industry.

New School

We are not a traditional post-secondary education. We offer an opportunity to grow your skills and practice your craft. From welding and fabrication to erecting large industrial structures. This is not your typical college.

Life Skills

Entering American Contractors Academy will prepare you for the future with highly sought skills that will furnish you with the ability to secure your future. Take advantage and outfit yourself with a high quality education now!


Most frequent questions and answers

Currently our school-house is located in Prescott, Arizona. Here we have access to the industry to provide training and opportunities not provided elsewhere. 

Yes, we offer opportunities for you to finance or create a payment plan for your education. 

We have various courses that come together to create an education program. Our plan puts you on the path for success and that is generally an eight month process. 

We have networked with many professionals and companies to give you the best possible job placement opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else. You will have unparalleled opportunity to get a great paying job almost immediately.  We cannot guarantee a job as the market and availability fluctuate but we have many resources to help you get the best possible chance for work.

Our courses practice safety and good work habits to make sure we create a fun and safe environment. American Contractors Academy adheres to federal and state safety laws. 

Education For Your Future

Academy 4

Learn the trade with American Contractors Academy and start your journey with a sought after trade. In eight short months you could be earning as much as $50,000.00 on your next job. 

We help to build reliable and quality tradesmen and women who are the future of the heavy industry trade. Meet the demand and receive your education and certifications to land your life changing career. 

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