Why American Contractors Academy?

With more than 60 years of combined experience in the Heavy Industry Trade, you can rest assured you will be getting the best training and education available. We are here to help you succeed. 


Our academy gives you the opportunity to learn hands on with experienced professionals. We ensure that you get the best possible experience.

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At our school house located in Prescott, Arizona we have everything for you to learn various skills like welding, fabrication, and heavy industrial maintenance.

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Your education comes with internships and assistance in job placement. Giving you the opportunity to be one step ahead when entering the workforce.

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Our story

American Contractors Academy opened their doors in 2017 with the mission of providing field work and training heavy industrial professionals. Since then the demand for such a program has skyrocketed as the heavy industrial trade has grown. The need for highly trained and reliable contractors has presented the opportunity to help a new generation become introduced to a high-paying and rewarding career. 

We have designed a program to make sure you receive the best possible training before entering the workforce. Our classes are designed to cover various subjects that will be transformed into real world usable skills. From welding and fabrication, to learning safety and millwright duties, we have a roadmap that will give you the certifications and qualifications to be a premier candidate on any job-site. 

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